Chevrolet Monza - 2+2 Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins in the Ultimate V8 Monza
Including Oldsmobile Starfire, Firenza, Buick Skyhawk, Roadhawk, and Nighthawk, Pontiac Sunbird, and Formula.

    Send me pictures of your ride and it's engine, interior, suspension and modifications you've made along with some information about the car and I'll post them here.   Use my photo guide to give you some idea of what we need.   Also, save your pictures using this naming scheme "monza-spyder-yr-Ken_Mahoy-engine-alternator_bracket-090.jpg" (replace "yr" with the year of the vehicle).   That helps me keep track of the make and model, the year, who sent the pictures, any details of what the picture is of (such as the engine-alternator_bracket), and roughly what the angle is (000, 045, 090, 135, 180, 225, 270, or 315 degrees).   If you send multiple shots of the same thing from the same angle just add a -2, etc. to the file name.   This helps me categorize the photos as they come in and give proper credit to those who've sent them.   And as always, I reserve the right to modify (brighten, contrast, crop, etc.) all photos.

Bob Gumm

The famous Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins' 76 Monza "Grumpy's Toy".   With out a doubt the most famous H-Bodies were owned and driven by the Grump.   Hey Mr. Jenkins, if you have the time I'd like an autographed copy of any pictures you might be able to send me.  Please e-mail me.

Bobby Johnson's 75 Pro Street Monza.   Bobby tells me it's a blast cruising the Colorado countryside.   Bobby is the owner of MB Engineering, one of my sponsors.


MB Engineering
Denver, CO 80219
DAYS (303) 922-8040

This silver Pro Street 75 Monza (with 78-80 nose) is simply awesome.   "Pink slips anyone?"

Willie Bethay's Wishbone Racing '75 Monza.   Send more pics Willie!

Team Tug of War's 75 Monza looks mild on the outside, but the inside is all business.

76 Pro Street Monza - Popular Hotrodding article
76 Pro Street Monza - Popular Hotrodding story

This white 76 Monza is very much like mine except it appears to still have 4-lug rims up front.   Notice the rubber under the rear fender from burnouts.

Bill's yellow 76 Monza "Monzter"

Jim Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza
Jim Foldenauer's Big-Block Chevy equipped '77 ProStreet Monza was driven to this event.
Jim Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza
Jim Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza, notice fuel access has been relocated to the rear hatch.
Jim Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza
Jim Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza
Foldenauer's '77 ProStreet Monza must suck the nitrous bottle dry very quickly with this hungry beast.
Any guesses as to how low the ETs are?   Maybe low 7s to low 8s on the bottle.
Photos by Al Howe

Art Gravatt's '77 ProModified Nitrous fed Monza
Art Gravatt's '77 Pro-Modified Nitrous fed Monza.

Charlie Martel's 77 Monza of Martel Racing.   Hey Charlie, how about some more pictures and maybe the latest copy of Drag Strip Plus?   If you don't have racing software, Drag Strip Plus is the one I use religiously with great results.

This custom 78 Monza is striped from nose to tail, including the bumpers!

Kevin Grim's 78 Monza

Ron Charney's 80 Pro Street Monza.   Another believer in "Cubic Inches" and lots of fuel.

Glen's eliminated the drag of the huge headlight recesses on his 80 Pro Street Monza by using tinted covers.

Jeff Brandenburg's 76 Monza "Nitemare".
Jeff has recently repainted his Monza so maybe he'll send us some pics.

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