Chevrolet Monza Mirage
1977 Only!

    Send me pictures of your ride and it's engine, interior, suspension and modifications you've made along with some information about the car and I'll post them here.   Use my photo guide to give you some idea of what we need.   Also, save your pictures using this naming scheme "monza-spyder-yr-Ken_Mahoy-engine-alternator_bracket-090.jpg" (replace "yr" with the year of the vehicle).   That helps me keep track of the make and model, the year, who sent the pictures, any details of what the picture is of (such as the engine-alternator_bracket), and roughly what the angle is (000, 045, 090, 135, 180, 225, 270, or 315 degrees).   If you send multiple shots of the same thing from the same angle just add a -2, etc. to the file name.   This helps me categorize the photos as they come in and give proper credit to those who've sent them.   And as always, I reserve the right to modify (brighten, contrast, crop, etc.) all photos.

Bob Gumm

Factory Monza Mirage brochures.  And they say Ford builds excitement!

Factory Monza Mirage window sticker

Ron Lee's early 77 Monza Mirage.  The early 77 had hub caps styled to look like mag wheels.

77 Monza Mirage - The 77 came equipped with "real" mag wheels.

David has changed a few things in his 77 Mirage

Howard's 77 Monza Mirage has plenty of attitude.

78 Monza Mirage (yellow "Alloy-8").  The Mirage package looks good in any color, wish they made more.

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