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        Welcome to the H-Body Photo Album.   Many photos of these V8 H-Body cars (Chevrolet Vega, Monza 2+2, Spyder, and Mirage, Oldsmobile Starfire, Firenza, Buick Skyhawk, Roadhawk, and Nighthawk, Pontiac Sunbird, Astre, and Formula) are provided by the many visitors to this site.   The H-Bodies are all based on the same suspension, have a lot in common and can share a lot of the Chevy V8 Monza and after-market V8 Vega parts.   Since the main focus here is V8 equipped cars and performance modifications, these pictures are mainly of those H-bodies.   But we love clean factroy originals and have some pictures of those as well.

   Since we've only been here for a short time, many of the albums will take some time to build, so keep coming back and checking out the progress.   The Technical site, "Building the V8 Chevy Monza & Vega", has been a great success, but aside from all the technical information, people wanted more pictures and many more were sending theirs to me.   The name says "V8 H-Body Photos" but it's open to all H-bodies.   Use my photo guide to give you some idea of what we need and how to get your H-Body posted here.   Also, we use a special file naming scheme that allows us to better manage the albums so please use this format when naming your photos to send to us.   We explain more in our photo guide.

  Because this site was born from the V8 H-Body site, it tends to favor V8 equipped or custom H-Bodies that represent our different views as well as show off our engineering talents and wildest dreams.   But don't let that discourage you because we love factory originals too.   Send me pictures of your ride and it's engine, interior, suspension and modifications you've made along with some information about the car and I'll post them here.   All photos submitted constitute permission to change, edit and alter as I see fit, altered images become copyrighted material.  

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All information and graphics on this site copyright Bob Gumm's "Building the V8 H-Body", 1999.

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