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H-Body Information

H-Body Clubs and Newsgroups Online (Wow this list is growing!)
The Chevy Vega Mailing List at
The Cosworth Vega Club at, for those who have or are interested in Cosworth Vegas.
The Cosworth Vega Owners Association (CVOA) Excellent Cosworth Info and as a member you can get very rare parts you can't get anywhere else.
GM H-Body Club at, the most active H-Body Club on the web, bar none!
GM H-Body 2 Club at, started to give GM H-Body Club visitors another place to store their photos.
GM High Performance Club at, has lots of members who are H-Body owners.
HBOA Classifieds at, Parts 4-Sale or Wanted
HBOA Tech Club at, some H-Body technical discussions.
Marco's Monza Message Board at
Monza Mirage Mania at, for those who have or are interested in Monza Mirages.
Monza GT Registry a Racing H-Body Site
V8 H-Body Club at, performance discussions on V8 equipped H-bodies.
V8 Vega Conversion Club at, discussions on V8 Vega conversions moderated by Robert Herndon.
Virtual Vega Monza Club at The H-Body Newsgroup, if your ISP does not carry this newsgroup, send a message to your administrator or technical support (eg support@yourisp ) requesting that they add the newsgroup. Or go to using Deja News.
H-Body Clubs by Geographical Location

H-Bodies of Northern Ohio at
H-Body Homepages

H-Body General
H-Special Webring
Bob Gumm's V8 H-Body Photo Album
Monza_Scott's H-Body Page

Chevrolet Monza
Mike Gomez' Monzter Page! Using the Hooker kit in an '80 Monza and AWESOME wire diagrams!
Bryan McCready's Chevrolet Monza:   History of the Monza and home of the Monza and Vega Registries
Monzagod's homepage V8 '78 Monza
Monzanut's homepage V8 '76 Monza
Monzabudd's homepage Marco Giglio's V8 '78 Monza Spyder.
The Monza Project Varlop's '80 V8 Town Coupe.
Phil's Car Page Check out his '76 Monza 2+2
Revved Out Racing Motorsports '78 3.8L Monza Spyder in SCCA
KLEEN KAR'S R US!...V8 Monzas & Vegas
Pers Homepage his raceway and V8 Monza
MonzaRob's MonzaMirage.Com for Monza Mirage Owners
Allen's Web of Wonder (Monza 2+2 project)

Chevrolet Vega
The Chevrolet Vega V8 Conversion - Robert Herndon gives advice on his experiences.
Tootee's "Frankenvega" A cartoon of this Vega drawn by Revin is one of the rotating images on our homepage. See Tootee's website for pictures of the "Frankenvega" build and to buy "Frankenvega" t-shirts.
Vega Crazed Dean Walker's homepage.
Dave's Vega Village at "Vega Crazed"
V8 Vega Station Wagon
Paul's V8 Vega Station Wagon
The BADassVega's Home Page a 454 Vega Wagon w/ backhalf & Ford 9" rear.
Lonnie's '71 Notchback Vegas

Oldsmobile Starfire
Ken Snyder Racing '79 Olds Starfire - SCCA

Pontiac Astre
The Pontiac Astre Thomas Lippert's site about the Pontiac version.

Pontiac Sunbird
Pontiac Sunbird Tribute page

H-Body Recalls- Technical Service Bulletins - Etc.
1975 Buick Skyhawk
1976 Buick Skyhawk
1977 Buick Skyhawk
1978 Buick Skyhawk
1979 Buick Skyhawk
1980 Buick Skyhawk

1975 Chevrolet Monza
1976 Chevrolet Monza
1977 Chevrolet Monza
1978 Chevrolet Monza
1979 Chevrolet Monza
1980 Chevrolet Monza

1973 Chevrolet Vega
1974 Chevrolet Vega
1975 Chevrolet Vega
1976 Chevrolet Vega
1977 Chevrolet Vega

1975 Oldsmobile Starfire
1976 Oldsmobile Starfire
1977 Oldsmobile Starfire
1978 Oldsmobile Starfire
1979 Oldsmobile Starfire
1980 Oldsmobile Starfire

1975 Pontiac Astre
1976 Pontiac Astre
1977 Pontiac Astre

1976 Pontiac Sunbird
1977 Pontiac Sunbird
1978 Pontiac Sunbird
1979 Pontiac Sunbird
1980 Pontiac Sunbird

Monza & Vega Aftermarket Products
Tell 'em Bob of "V8MONZA.COM" sent ya!

Monza Mirage Stripes
Motion Performance Inc. (Still making V8 Vega/H-Body kits and body parts)
598 Sunrise Hwy., Baldwin, NY 11510
(516) 223-3172

Showcars Bodyparts Unlimited Monza Catalogue-fiberglass and steel
Showcars Bodyparts Unlimited Vega Catalogue-fiberglass and steel

Monza & Vega NOS Products
Tell 'em Bob of "V8MONZA.COM" sent ya!

NOS Parts for Cosworth Vegas or Vegas

Automotive Personal Homepages
Dave's Vega Village at "Vega Crazed"

General Interest Automotive Sites
V8 Powered Webring
Motorsports Hall of Fame
RodNClassics - The Internet's Premier High Performance Magazine
Scanner/Radar Detector Laws by State
Speedtrap Registry Check Here Before You Travel Anywhere!
The Staging Light - Guide to Bracket Racing
Jungle Pam Rides Again! - Photos and Stories of Pam Hardy and Jungle Jim Liberman

Automotive Merchant Sites - Chevrolet Home Page
Microsoft CarPoint

Automotive Performance Industries
Art Morrison Chassis Engineering
Autometer Products
B&M Racing and Performance Products
Center Line Performance Wheels
Competition Cams
Competition Engineering
Crane Cams
Edelbrock Performance Products
Federal Mogul Engine Bearings
Fel-Pro Gaskets
Don Hardy's V8 Vega kits Toll free 1-800-983-3774
Hedman Hedders
Holley Performance Products
Hooker Headers @ (909)-983-5871
Jeg's High Performance (800)-345-4545
K&N Performance Filters
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Martel Brothers Racing Products
MOROSO Performance Products
Mr. Gasket (Accel, Hurst, Hays, Lakewood)
MSD Ignition Performance Products
NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems
S&W Race Cars
SEMA Home Page
Simpson Safety Equipment
Speed Bleeder (Brake bleeders)
Strange Engineering
Summit Racing Equipment (800)-230-3030
Weld Racing Wheels
Year One Restoration Parts Supplier

Automotive Racing Sites All Types of Racing

Automotive Searches
YAHOO Automotive Searches

Automotive Performance Industries Via Snail-Mail or Phone

DOBI Specializes in Monza & Vega accessories and denies our positive effect on their business.

  Bad news, Dobi told me in 1999 they were slowly getting out of the Monza Vega line and would begin selling products for foreign cars.   I posted this link stating that if you want something from Dobi, you'd better act quickly.   Now, thanks to websites like this one and our various clubs, Dobi has decided that the H-Body market was lucrative again.   So I contacted them again saying I was glad they decided to stay in the H-Body market and that it was our clubs and websites that helped send them more customers.   They politely told me that they never considered getting out of the H-Body market and that none of the websites or clubs were responsible for their renewed success in this area of the market.   In other words they don't need us to send them customers.   So if you buy anything from Dobi, PLEASE PLEASE mention to them that you were sent to them from this website or one of the H-Body clubs and that it's great that their advertising is so effective that they don't need "word of mouth" advertising to send them more customers.

320 Thor pl.
Brea Ca. 92821-4197
Phone (714)529-1977

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