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     Please include your e-mail address with the order so we can e-mail you as soon as your package is sent out. If you want to order more than one kit (2+), multiply the number of kits by the price, add the posted shipping cost for one kit.

     One kit will easily allow you to install Chevy S10 or Blazer front spindles, rotors, and calipers on your H-Body vehicle. This gives you better braking and a much larger choice of wheels. Only one kit is needed per vehicle to adapt the late model suspension components to your H-Body vehicle. Think of the better braking and choice of wheels you'll enjoy. The kit includes 2 upper Balljoint Adapter Bushings, 2 lower Balljoint Adapter Bushings and installation instructions.

     P.S. 1975 or later lower balljoints MUST be used for this modification. To my knowledge, all '75 and later H-Bodies have the correct balljoints for the modification. Only 1974 and earlier H-Bodies require the newer balljoints. However, given the fact that the modification (S10 brakes) is usually done for performance purposes, we suggest that the balljoints be inspected and new ones installed if there is any doubt about their integrity. Monza balljoints are still readily available at most parts stores.   We also suggest using an S10 master cylinder (minus the booster) and brake proportioning valve unless you have a late model H-Body that came equipped with vented rotor style front disc brakes. The reason for this is the non-vented rotor system has too small of a piston in the master cylinder to effectively apply the S10 front brake calipers, but the vented rotor style is large enough. We are currently using an S10 brake master cylinder and proportioning valve with no problems (as are others). If you need to install an S10 unit, it will bolt directly to the firewall without modification to the master cylinder (MC) or firewall. You do need to do some fabricating to get the factory H-Body MC piston rod to stay in position, but that's part of car crafting. I cut the back off of the factory Monza MC piston rod retaining cup (removed from the factory H-Body MC) and welded it to a piece of exhaust pipe (1 3/4" diameter I think). It works quite well, I cut the pipe so I could use a hose clamp to secure it to the back of the MC after the MC is installed in the car. Some gymnastics are involved getting under the dash and attaching this little jewel, but it works. We also suggest that you install an aftermarket proportioning valve if your vehicle is 1975 or earlier and/or was originally equipped with solid (non-vented) rotors. This is especially important if you intend on installing a GM 12-Bolt, Ford 9", or other rear axle.

     If you would like more information about our kits, please Email.

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